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#21580 - My nipples weren't the only thing that was hard as I could feel his erection on my knees, he spread my knees and moved closer to me with his erection now pushing against my crotch. Damian stepped forward and reached for my wrists but his erection pushed straight against my hole and he flinched back saying oops sorry look, I know you can't help it but please just stretch a bit further and untie me, don't worry if it has to touch me to reach my hands Damian stepped forward again and stretched up, his erection was pushing hard against my crotch but then slipped on the cum and slipped into my gaping hole. “Bitch” she laughed and dropped right down as far as she could “how am I supposed to explain this when I get Brian home?” “Jesus, I’m sorry” said Roger, “I’ve been looking forward all week to tonight and now I’ve blown it!” I couldn’t help it I just cracked up laughing along with Sue, Roger finally realised his pun and started laughing as well as I

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Why is it in slowmotion kind of annoying
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