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#300394 - . in that short second I'm on the floor and my dads hand is round my neck YOU STUPID LIL GIRL THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ALL THE SHIT YOU SAY TO ME I WILL RAPE YOU WHEN I WANT LIKE RIGHT NOW he rammes his 8 hardon right into me all I can do is cry as other wise I may lose the capable to breath MMMMMM DADDY'S LITTLE SEX TOY FUCK YEA SEE DADDY'S COCK AIN'T THAT BAD IS IT KATIE BET DEEP INSIDE YOUR ENJOYING IT LITTLE SLUT his hand starts to come off my neck but it grips my boobs daddy please stop your hurting me LIKE SHIT DADDY IS ALMOST CUMMING AND YOUR GOING TO HAVE IT IN YOUR PUSSY WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT MMMMM FUCK YEA by now he's fucking me fast hard and deep I feel like all I wanna do is die how can a loving man turn into this I don understand IV JUST CUMED IN YOUR PUSSY HAHA LITTLE WHORE he leaves me here on my floor naked still coverd In blood and his sperm I can't even be botherd moving any more he's won I'm useless agentst hi

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This hentai is great hey everyone subscribe for awesome hentais on my channel ill do the same
Mirage farina jenius
I love those tits tho