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#90672 - what I meant to say is that they enjoyed being the female receiving the spanking! A woman I was seeing at this time was the latest in a long line of 'spankees' and on the night in question, had spent the night in my bed sleeping face down dor the first part of the night for rather obvious reasons! We had started with an 'over the knee' spanking across her jeans downstairs on the sofa and progressed to the bedroom where I had adminstered a bare bottom (bare everything for both of us!) tawsing with her draped over my thighs. I couldn't believe how I'd managed without her. She was called 'Abigail' and was in her mid twenties.

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Riza hawkeye
Ewwwwwww post more
Yuri lowell
This guys is the show here sorry but that girl was just a prop