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#133005 - By the time he was 12 and going to secondary school he ha began growing hair around his balls and even better now when he played with his hard little cock for long enough he could make it spit some creamy liquid that sent waves of pleasure through his body, Of course Daz kept his dick playing a secret you did not discuss your private parts with anyone, but he often wondered if any of his mates ever done it. Although Daz was getting a bit freaked out by these Gay thoughts, he was a normal straight guy, one of the Bhoys, not some queer hawk perving on his mates, but no matter how hard he tried not to think about his mates and other guys in that way ,when he was alone in bed that night jiggling his pickle, that feeling just never came until he thought about cock and more often than not it was Scott,s cock he thought about. His next opportunity to be alone with Scott came about 6 weeks after the wrestling hardons, by now School had started back and this day they had decided to take th

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