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#268656 - We both want girls,Cori answered without hesitation, that's okay with you, isn't it Jake?!? Fine by me, he answered back while the hostess led them to a quiet corner table and said, Please enjoy you lunch! Jake was by now removing his trousers and under shorts, leaving him stark naked below his waist, while Cori hiked up her dress and wriggled out of her panty hose and lace underwear, her naked pussy being clearly visible as she held her dress up and slipped into the large booth, followed immediately by Jake. I'm really tense today, she replied, how about Under The Table? He laughed and said, Tense huh? Sounds good to me! Talking shop until they entered the restaurant, their tone quickly changed as the hostess asked what type of table they wanted. All done Ma'am, said the girl, would you like me to use my tongue now? Yes, please, Cori begged! Would madam like me to have one of the boys come in and show you his penis while I tend to you vagina,&

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