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#119348 - What the hell are you doing? she asks Whatever I want I respond, before pulling down her panties only slightly She then reaches her hand behind her back and swats my hands away, then pulls up her panties and turns around to face me Why don't you go play video games or something? she says sharply I frown and look at her, disappointed that she resisted Because I don't want to Well can you stop touching me? Why should I? Because I don't like it Honestly, I don't care I pause How about you take off your shirt. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock that morning. in front of you? she asks Yep No way, not happening Think about this for a second, Kate I respond, confident that she will comply She stand there frowning in silence, before rolling her eyes You're disgusting she says, while pulling off her tshirt quickly, and throwing it to the side.

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