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#43500 - We gathered their things & strolled back to the now deserted car park, Jan jumped in the front of Simon’s van and Steve, Petra & Shane in the back, we waved good bye and watched them drive off before Laura pounced on me. I was met by some reluctance to alight the car but I said she could leave her bathers on, grabbing the Esky and bag before turning and walking in the direction of the beach, Jan soon caught up to me and as we walked along the sand towards a group of nude swimmers she soon changed the subject and started to moan about how hot it was, all the time keeping her eyes focused on the people frolicking in the water’s edge. Shane agreed and after handing him our camera he started to take a few photo’s of Jan laying on her towel in her Bikini, at one time he stood spread eagle over Jan to look directly into her face, then stepping back slightly he lowered himself to a kneeling position just above her crotch focusing on her boobs & face, a slight gasp emanating from Jan’s mout

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