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#54014 - I looked up into his eyes,and realized he was serious and noticed my wife had stopped sucking me, suddenly she was kneeling behind him on the floor bridged up under him and licking his balls,I could see her smiling even with her mouth being fool of his young balls. As I entered through the garge door I heard them laughing and talking in the living room, figuring they were just relaxing and chatting I grabbed a beer from the fridge and proceeded toward the living room, as I came into the room, there they were both bare but naked and staring up at me, not surprized or even making an effort to cover themselves,I noticed my wife's nipples were rock hard and ther were several small hickeys all over her fantastic tits. my wife suddenly told me to relax my throat and when I feel myself starting to choke push forward and swallow at the same time, as he hit the back of my throat I tried this and felt him slip into my throat, he held my head there what seemed like 3-4 mnutes, in reali

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