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#34150 - As I sat on the side of the bed for a minute contemplating, waiting for our moment that has been the point-the line we have been crossing. I feel a steady quick climax and shooting adrenaline fuels me as I pull my cock out and finish myself off with my hand jacking as my cock pulses cum all over her sexy curved back and ass as she looks back watching taking it all in as my cock pumps gobs creamy hot white cum onto her sexy, tanned, taught back and glances her big brown eyes up at me in between, ooooh yeah she says, mmmmmmm, nice, feels so warm! she exclaims as she lowers her body straight down as the cum pools on her back and some cum slid down her slick waist onto the bed. One night, doing the nightly routine visit, I approached and entered her room fairly quickly, she didn't notice me at first- I took just a few seconds to pause at the doorway, just long enough to see her body was squirming under the covers, her head to one side breathing heavy and moaning slightly, as soon as s

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