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#270975 - Ya know what, Lu, he asked, you've got the puffiest pussy I've ever seen, and I know sometimes I give you a lot of grief, but just remind me of how much I love sucking this, okay? Luanne didn't even answer him, she just thrust her lips into his mouth and let him feed on her drenched sex organ! God, Lennie, she panted, you always know just how to take care of me, do my clit now okay baby, make me cum in your mouth, please!!! Hearing the young sex pot pleading for his tongue, Lennie quickly turned his attention to the little nub at the top of her drooling slit. She kept her lips shaved smooth, and only left a little tuft of blonde hair above her crack. Luanne could feel her skirt being lifted and her legs being pushed wide apart.

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