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#419081 - I’m sure he knew I was going out for a fuck, I met Ginger at the Hotel, she was dressed sexy to, and carried a small bag with her, we both went up to the room together, as he opened the door I thought , tonight’s going to be fun, he was good looking , with a nice body, and judging by the growing buldge I don’t think we would miss out either, We had a couple of drinks Ginger and I sat opposite him, I played with her pussy a bit as she kissed and fondled my boobs, then he said lets get naked, I watched as he stripped, yep he was nice, nice muscles and a good size cock dropped out, around 8 inches long, quite thick in girth, with a nice knob head too, Ginger stripped me and then I played with her slowly getting her gear of too, his cock looked good as he played with it, we both worked one another bodies, going down eating pussy and fingering one another, which we had done many times at home too, She had told him I wasn't a pro , but did need some spare money, so had agre

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This is it chief
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