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#370591 - When we got up to leave, I wiped their seats as both girls pussies were sopping wet and had left a pool of pussy juices, we gave Shona our contact details and within a day she had contacted us and within the week she had given up her flat share and moved in with us and right from the start we all slept (naked of course) in the same bed and in a day or two Shona was dressing and acting the same way as Sheena, no shaving or wearing underwear and living by the same rules etc etc. I didn't look at her directly but saw her reflection in the large plate glass windows on the outside of the Mall and just smiled to myself, and later on the same day we were in a really small shop where they have goods just lying around on the floor and Sheena simply squatted down, legs spread really wide apart (she had squatted so low that her very long pubic hairs were actually dragging on the floor) to examine an item on the floor and I noticed that the youngish, aged 25 as we later found out, dark hai

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