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#93843 - She gasped at her discovery, adding additional fingers and smearing my juices up and around my pussy and labia, sliding her digits back and forth over my tingling clit and back down to my cunt. I remained still, despite the sexual torture, my hands by my sides, I was revelling in her perverted worship of my young adolescent body, she thought she had the power over me but the power was all mine to allow her to do the things she did without protest, of course I would let her, it was turning me on beyond words!! I was momentarily disappointed when her exploring hands left my breasts and softly stroked down across my ribs and belly, my heart beat soon ramped up when she grasped my hip with one hand and slid a finger into my little slit, sliding over my hooded clit and dipped into the wetness which was starting to ooze out of my folds and drip onto her knees.

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