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#111263 - We get down to the beach and run into the water splashing each other until I grad you and hold you in my arms, I kiss you deeply our bodies melting into one. After you finish rubbing the oil on me you push my legs off to the side of the chair, just like I had done to you, you take my cock into your hand as you start to slide your hand up and down the length of my shaft, and with the other hand you cup my balls as you fondle them and gently squeeze them, by now my cock is so rock hard, I could pound a 6 inch spike through a block of concrete, your mouth is warm against my cock, as you take the head of my cock between your lips, slowly sliding down, inch by inch, till your lips touch my balls, slowly you come up with your tongue dancing all over my cock ,you drive me wild, I slide my body around on the lounger, as I turn your body as well putting my face under your fountain of love, I dive into your pussy with wild abandon and want, while you suck my cock deep ,I bury my face de

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