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#151977 - Something else? A simple fluttering A change in my unchanging form A life anew A seed to grow My lover and I Sway happily in the warm breeze Perhaps we are not alone after all? But my skin is dark His skin is fair My lips are red His hair is white And we were never meant to be They steal my love from me They tear him from my side They cut him down in his prime They haul his body away Once we stood together Now I truly stand alone I weep for him my Ash My tears thick and sticky I groan his name in the chilling wind From lips that have lost their red With the warmth comes our youngling In the Spring's loving embrace With her growth returns my happiness In the Summer returns my grace Fair skin With red lips Our union created she Surely she was meant to be We stand together my Ash and me Our leaves ruffling in the wind.

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