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#76858 - I leave the room when I come back Jean is on Dave’s lap kissing him as he is finger fucking her I pull down the top of her Basque and play with her tits, I tell Jean she has got to suck Dave’s cock she kneels in front of Dave gets his cock out and starts to suck him off I get behind and start fucking her, I come and we swap Dave then fucks her as she licks me clean, he comes and Jean licks him clean, after a few more drinks Dave goes home. 8 o’clock theres a knock at the door I tell Jean to get out of sight and not come back in the room until the lights go off and on. Waiting for a taxi we were joined by Mal & John, we managed to talk the taxi into taking all 6 of us, Lyn & John in the front Mal, Dave and I in the back with Jean draped over our legs.

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Narration was horrible
Akira kazama
Mmm so sensual