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#412712 - The cook started to ask who he was, but recognized him from pictures he had seen from the company briefs. By the way I had a very strange dream the other day Nissie, he started as he watched her reaction I was asleep and I felt my cock being washed in a warm tightness care to tell me what that was? Nissie blushed as she took a deep breath, Yes that was me I thought you might want me to wake you up by sucking your morning hard on, but you were so exhausted that you didn't wake up, you just came in my mouth as Nissie got a huge smile, it was delicious I want to do it again but I know I will need you permission from now on. Making their way to the space port, Mark had already booked a room on the liner (It was offered for free as long as he looked at everything before they left orbit) and was led on board through a little known entrance.

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